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 Advise how to cut ethiopian opal

  Use as much water as possible during cutting
  Look for deep sand spots and fractures. Sand spots can be deeper than what they seem.
  Do not use excessive pressure that will create friction and heat.
  Take care during polishing not to create excessive friction and also use plenty of water and a slow
  speed if possible.
  During cutting the stone will become completely clear (unless a dark stone to begin with ) and will
  seem to lose its colour.
  After polishing leave the stone in a warm dry place.
  The stones will become white and opaque.
  After 5-10 days, sometime much longer,  the stones will gradually become translucent and regain
  their colour. If the stones do not dry after a couple of weeks, this is due to humidity of the area.
  You can speed up the process of drying by putting the stones under a lamp (wich will give a little bit
  of heat but not too much).

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